Genetic TestsNon-Hodgkin Lymphoma Panel

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Test Name & Code:
• Test Name: Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Panel
• Test Code: 3076
• “Lymphoma, non-Hodgkin, somatic”
• “Lymphoma, non-Hodgkin”
Test Details:
• Methodology: FISH
• Performed: Everyday
• Reported: 1 week
Specimen Details:
• Specimen Collection: Peripheral blood; Bone marrow aspiration material; Bone marrow biopsy material
• Container: Tube with Heparin
• Specimen Volume/Amount: > 3 ml
• Storage/Transport Condition: Refrigerated
• Unacceptable Specimens/Conditions: Serum; Frozen specimens; Hemolyzed specimens; Icterus; Lipemia
Test Information:
“ALK rearrangement, BCL6 rearrangement, 6q23 deletion, 7q31 deletion, +8, MYC rearrangement, CCND1 rearrangement, 11q22.3 deletion, 11q23 deletion/rearrangements, +12, 13q14.3 deletion, 14q32 deletion/rearrangements, TCR rearrangement, 17p13.1 deletion, BCL2 rearrangement, BRAF V600E”
Testing Area(s):
• Hemato Oncogenetics