for our patients

comprehensive genetics test panels and genetic counseling

Our multidisciplinary approach ensures a comprehensive diagnosis with the help of our specialized departments at Duzen Laboratories Group.

our Genetic Tests and related test information

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we provide Genetic Counseling

in-house Medical Geneticists MDs
for pre- and post-test clinical consultation and interpretation

Test Request & Consent Forms

for hospitals & clinics

one-stop genetic testing laboratory solutions

Our team can handle all your genetic testing requirements from start to finish.

… so you can focus on what matters most.

  • Specimen collection on-site or in our various locations.
  • Comprehensive genetic tests and disease panels.
  • Custom genetic panels upon request.
  • Electronically accessible patients reports through Duzen LIMS.

our Genetic Tests and related test information

Test Request & Consent Forms

clinical trials

tailored laboratory testing for your clinical trials: precision that drives results

dedicated to providing Quality Clinical Laboratory Services
International Quality Standards
ISO15189 Quality & Competence in Medical Laboratories
ISO27001 International Standard for Information Security
  • Your data is safe and at your fingertips through Duzen LIMS.
  • Clear & understandable e-reports.
one-stop solutions for clinical laboratory testing in Genetics, Biochemistry, Immunology, Microbiology and much more ...

our Genetic Tests and related test information

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